Frustrated with TIRE LIGHTS? Want better mileage?
Inflating with 99.9% pure Nitrogen is the
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Why Nitrogen Inflation? Does it really work? Is it safer?

Do TPMS tire lights drive you nuts when the temperature changes? Those annoying lights go on and off because of temperature effecting the water vapor in your tires. How does water get into tires? From filling your tires with compressed air. Air compressors produce a lot of water and some reaches your tires when they are inflated. 99.9% Nitrogen contains no water to cause fluctuation which causes your lights to cycle on and off.

Nitrogen is a larger molecule than oxygen (by approx. 6 times). As a result Nitrogen migrates out of tires at a significantly SLOWER rate than compressed air.— NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

Maintaining proper tire pressure SAVES GAS by reducing rolling resistance. Saving gas is good for our economy and environment. AAA tells us that 1 out of every 3 cars on the road has at least 1 tire significantly under inflated (that is down 8+ lbs and driving towards you). Tests have shown that few people can detect under inflation of up to 9 lbs by looking at a tire.

Proper inflation SAVE LIVES — under inflated tires are a leading cause of blowouts. 414 deaths and 23,464 injuries each year, on average, are due to blowout related crashes. — NHTSA

Properly inflated tires EXTEND TIRE LIFE — the tread contact patch meets the road as designed, reducing uneven wear and saving sidewalls.

Nitrogen inflated tires are LESS AFFECTED by heat and cold than tires filled with compressed air. Managing tire temperatures is one reason NASCAR inflates tires with Nitrogen. For our safety the FAA mandates that airliner tires be inflated with Nitrogen.

What is Oxidation? Why does it matter?

Oxidation is the chemical process by which oxygen breaks down much of the world around us. It works inside tires that can look perfectly serviceable on the outside. Oxidation destruction is one reason DOT requires a build date stamp on tires. Oxidation causes potato chips to go stale once the bag is opened (to extend shelf life nitrogen is blown into the bags just before sealing). It is also why rubber bands are no longer elastic in a short time. Research has shown that even a small amount of oxygen eats tires from the inside. Add road and summer heat to the oxygen and water vapor in compressed air and the destruction of inner liners and steel belts is speeded up. Oxidation also corrodes aluminum rims and valve stems. Studies have shown that tires filled with at least 95% dry Nitrogen slows this deadly oxidation.

99.9% pure Nitrogen Tire Inflation available at:

Big O Tires, 2013 Broadway Ave., Boise, 345-7228

Big O Tires, 1422 Main Street, Boise, 342-5525

Tire Pros, 2948 East State Street, Eagle, 938-5480

Peterson BMW, 9109 West Fairview, Boise, 295-8415

Peterson Toyota, 9101 West Fairview, Boise, 501-2426

Nelson's RV, 4911 Chinden Blvd, Boise, 322-4323

Nelson's RV Annex, 5309 Chinden Blvd, Boise 287-3234

Camping World, 5500 E. Cleveland Blvd, Caldwell (866) 870-6651

Camping World, 1580 West Overland Road, Meridian (208) 888-4241

Nitrogen supplied by Idaho Nitrogen Express • (208) 340-6253 •